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Self, Why u so lazy?

Ragle flaggle I need to update a bunch of stuff, like my avatar.... And my profile....And everything else ever. If you're reading this here's a gif.

Ever tried venison? (Dear meat) It's delicious!

The problem with daily lolita

There are famous coordinators and the plebs. And that's the way it's set up, the problem is that all the attention is payed to the famous people ad the little plebs don't get any attention....which means they can't get famous. So everyone is pretty much stuck. I want to figure out how to break this cycle-- 'cause I mean I would like to be that person but I want someone too atleast. >_< Pointless frustation is frustating

Being a minor rocks some times

So, I still live with my parents as I'm legally not aloud to do otherwise. And sometimes its pretty awsome.
Short story of happinessCollapse )

Bad friend luck.

So, What do you do when you have an ex boyfriend who you break up with and dont hear form in over a month then all he says to you is "whats your friends number?" and then about another month and a half later you find out he's been out with two of your closest friends and that he is currently going out with the second and that her mental stability is not up to par (ie. She is extrmeley emotionally imballanced). And not only this but, the kicker, shes promised very intimate important things to him (if you catch my drift). And you your self feel like you cant give advice because its a  loose loose situation- sad now or sad later- and you care about her deeply and right after you give her advice (Which you are seriously stressed over because you dont want anything bad to happen to her) she writes that she cares about your oppinion and what you think alot and that your really important to her.
I'm suffocating in the god damn angst!

Just keep swimming.

When the subject matter gets annoying or just down right depressing there is only one thing you can do- Keep on moving. Get out of the post and go do something fun. I forget they're just posts sometimes.


You know what I hate?

I hate when youve made it very clear you want to do something and you get ready for it and then they totally act like they didnt notice and cancel! God, it makes me so upset!!! Why do people do that kind of thing



Heh, heh, my life is just VERY boring and I'm having a hell of a time keeping up with egl.


Ho-k any of my friends I will be starting a blog very soon. I will still be just the same on here but I wanted to let y'all know just incase you could have minisculy cared. ^__^

The only loli who seems to want to stay

Guys, who ever may be reading this, or any one who even just manages to come across it- I'm scared. I'm scared that I'm going to be the only loli left who actually wants to stay in here frilly pink tea house with macaroons and tea party shoes. I'm scared that I'm going to be the only one who's left with the fawn on her hem and lace on her sleeves. I'm afraid I'll have no one left after the newbies figure out the next trend. It seems like I was the last one to know and came to the party after the casserole went cold and the people are passed out on the front lawn. I came in at the end of the mega sugar phase, which was what I truly have stitched into the seams of my heart. Its all mori-girl now and muted colors, which I think, are beautiful but I want pink plain, not that stupid dusty pink with the knit sweater! I don’t mean to dis it, I just people weren’t going so rabid over it. Was it always like this before I came along? I'm very young and I look up to my older lolitas for help. Not the loli mentors type help but just helping find MY identity as a Lolita.
 What’s going to happen to my sugar induced princess life. I don’t want Edwardian. I don’t want rococo. I don’t want FREAKING MORI! I feel like the red panda. Everyone is talking about me and how amazing I am then BAM! Polar icecaps melt and the polar bear is all that. I really am afraid of what’s going to happen. I want to be able to share my loli with everyone else but its hard when you haven’t even got two skirts and they have a whole arsenal they're giving up to pursue this new queen of the forest style. I feel like I'm always going to be five steps behind the lovely ex-perfectly curled haired, print wearing, head cake wearing, now toned down, ballet flats, long skirt wearing, wavy haired lolis. I never even was able to grow my hair long enough to give it barrel curls, and now by the time I do all the lolitas will reply in a disgusted voice "What an ugly girl. She's not doing the style right! That skirt is older than my grandmother, why does she bother with such an old outdated fad that’s so ugly. I don’t know why we ever like that style." So to my fellow lolis, even though I will continue to wear even if I look like an ita, - It was a pleasure having tea.